Head of TUSAŞ invites Indonesia to join MMU project

07 Kasım 2022 13:37

Turkish defense industry companies, which have achieved great success in exports with the advanced weapons they have produced recently, are trying to grow by partnering friendly countries in their projects. TUSAŞ President Temel Kotil called on Indonesia to participate in the MMU project, Türkiye’s indigenous fighter project.

Reminding that Indonesia is engaged with South Korea’s 5th Generation aircraft, Kotil said that MMU is a better and larger aircraft and invited this country to become a partner in the project.

International relations expert Dr. İbrahim Karataş also emphasized that this invitation is meaningful. Karataş said that not only Indonesia, but also many friendly and brotherly countries should be included in the project. According to Karataş, other partners can thus access technology and know-how cheaply and without embargo.

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