Ukrainian manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles to open plant in Türkiye

26 Nisan 2023 05:41

Ukrainian manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles to open plant in Türkiye (

Ukrainian all-terrain vehicle manufacturer Sherp will open a new plant in the Turkish province of Bursa on April 26, newspaper the Daily Sabbah has reported.

The plant plans to launch mass production of the Sherp YETX multipurpose all-terrain vehicle, which was presented in Türkiye the day before.

"The company has decided to invest here, relying on Bursa's industrialization, qualified human resources and Türkiye's geography," commented Erman Ersöz, general manager of Sherp's Bursa branch — Orso Off-Road Solutions.

He said a second production line would be launched in 2024.

The Sherp YETX is designed to travel over difficult terrain. The vehicle is 2.8 meters tall, 4 meters long, and 2.5 meters wide. It can easily overcome obstacles of up to a meter and be used on slopes of up to 35 degrees.

The vehicle can be used in search and rescue operations, forest firefighting and ambulance services in areas where conventional vehicles cannot reach.

It can be used in countries with difficult climates and terrain, especially those in North America, Africa and the Arctic, Ersöz noted.

In 2020, Sherp announced its intention to move production from Ukraine to another country. According to the company's CEO Yaroslav Pryhara, six countries have invited the company to locate production there. He stressed that "all of them have GDP per capita significantly higher than Ukraine, with some countries' economies ten times larger than ours."

"To be fair, we have not been ignored at home either. Over the past six months, we have had four inspections by state regulatory authorities," he wrote.


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