Turkey has become the leading supplier of fruit to Ukraine

17 Mart 2023 05:07

Turkey has become the leading supplier of fruit to Ukraine.

In 2022, Ukraine imported 220,000 tons of fruit from Turkey, the highest figure among countries supplying this product, the Institute of Agrarian Economics says. It is expected that the country will remain the leading supplier of fruits and nuts to Ukraine for at least five years. Last year, Turkey’s share in the value of domestic fruit imports amounted to about a third, with 30.7%. In 2022, the volume of fruit and nut imports to Ukraine amounted to $663M. This is 21% less than the figure of $835M in 2021. Ukrainian companies also bought a lot of fruit in Ecuador – 13.4%. Much smaller volumes of supply are from Greece (6.3%), Colombia (5.0%), Spain (4.7%), Costa Rica (4.6%), and Egypt (4.3%). Together, these seven countries accounted for 69% of the import value of this group’s products to Ukraine in 2022.


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