Defaming campaigns against Turkish health tourism

26 Ocak 2023 08:25

Türkiye has a well-deserved reputation in health tourism. People from many countries prefer Türkiye for reasons such as general health problems, dental treatment, hair transplantation and aesthetics. The main factors in the preference stand out as quality treatment and low costs.

However, this situation disturbs clinics in foreign countries and especially the media. While those who come for treatment share their experiences in Türkiye and advertise Türkiye on social media, channels such as the BBC try to prevent it by preparing news or documentaries against Türkiye. The BBC finds a few patients whose treatment did not go well, interviews them and tries to defame Turkish hospitals However, such campaigns seem to be unsuccessful as more people come to Türkiye for treatment.

Meanwhile, experts advise Turkish hospitals to advertise on social media and collaborate with influencers.

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