Longship orders methanol-ready ships from Atlas Shipyard

20 Ocak 2023 09:21

Dutch shipping company Longship has ordered four ultra-low-emission ships from Atlas Shipyard in Turkey.

The design of the 8,600 dwt vessels has been developed together with Dutch naval architect Ankerbeer BV. As informed, the vessel design is compliant with the EU Stage V standards applicable to non-road mobile machinery (NRMM). 

The ships will feature a diesel-electric propulsion system that delivers a reduction in consumption of about 45 percent when compared to the currently dominant ship types of similar size. 

Longship said that the hybrid propulsion system powering two azimuth thrusters, with low rpm and large diameter fixed propellers, can be retrofitted to run on alternative fuels that will replace fossil fuels in the future. At delivery, the ships will hold the class notation Prepared for Methanol C as hybrid alternative. 

“It is our corporate goal to substantially cut emissions and carbon intensity as industrial carrier when providing bespoke logistical solutions to our clients,” said Longship CEO Øyvind Sivertsen

“With these units we will meet requirements well before they become mandatory to the shipping industry”.

The vessels will have optimised design for the transport of biomass solid fuels. The high cubic design featuring one fully box-shaped hold with 81.9 m clear hatch opening in length is well suited for break bulk and project cargoes, and the ships will be able to sail in open-top condition. 

The first unit from the series is scheduled to be delivered in spring 2024.

Longship, founded in 2009, is a ship operator and logistics company with roots in Norway and the Netherlands. The company is focused on the 4,000 and 10,000 dwt segments and is launching an extensive fleet renewal programme introducing additional size segments and low-emission propulsion systems. The company’s fleet currently comprises 17 vessels.


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