Turkey invites Azerbaijan to collaboration in defense industry

16 Ocak 2023 06:07

Çin'den çarpıcı MMU yorumu: Türkiye'nin amacı bu

According to Ismail Demir, Türkiye's director of defense industry, Turkiye is open for the participation of friendly and allied countries in the country’s defense industry projects at various levels as partners.

“We invite friendly and allied countries to take part in the national combat aircraft project. These countries include Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Azerbaijan,” Ismail Demir stressed, noting that such partnership would be beneficial for all parties.

Answering a question on the export performance of the Turkish defense industry, Demir also said that Turkey’s defense industry has exceeded its export target in 2022 and is looking forward to reaching $6 billion (in 2023, which “can also be much higher”.


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