Saudi Export-Import Bank signs cooperation agreements with Turkish banks

27 Aralık 2022 08:20

Image used for illustrative purpose. Getty Images , Getty Images

Saudi Export-Import Bank has announced the signing of a $26 million financing line agreement with Turkyie Finance Katilim Bank to finance Saudi non-oil exports to Turkey, which is the first direct financing agreement for Saudi non-oil exports to Turkey.

It also signed an agreement with Turkish Export Bank that allows cooperation in several fields, including the exchange of experiences and the promotion of export movement between the two countries.

The two agreements were signed on the Saudi side by the CEO of the Saudi Export-Import Bank, Eng. Saad Al-Khalab, and on the Turkish side by the CEO of Turkyie Finance Katilim Bank Murad Aksim, and the CEO of the Turkish Export Bank, Ali Koni.

The two agreements come within the framework of Saudi partnerships with Turkish financial institutions, and within the bank’s direction to develop its local and foreign partnerships aiming at providing sustainable financing solutions, credit and guarantee services that support the development of Saudi non-oil exports and enhance their competitiveness in global markets.


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